Changing the Culture of First Responders


Creating Resilience
Shaping Mindset &
Fostering Innovation
To prevent suicide through self help.

The first and only self help podcast for first responders.

Featured: The Sleep Deprived Sheepdog with Lt Col Dave Grossman

Meet The Host

Autumn Clifford

Autumn Clifford

Maine Law Enforcement Officer Autumn Clifford created the Changing the Culture Podcast to support first responders and their families. Autumn’s main focus is emotional and spiritual wellness for sheepdogs everywhere. Many say that listening to Autumn is like pulling up car to car with her. The podcast itself has transformed from talking just about patrol life to helping sheepdogs and their families. This is the first and only truly self-help podcast designed specifically for first responders. The focus of this podcast is to help sheepdogs survive on duty as well as off duty. The approach is focused on helping listeners to stay connected to themselves through various tools and tactics Autumn herself has used to overcome her battles of injury, depression and anxiety. Please be advised that this is an explicit podcast and swearing is frequent on this show. The show is set up like officers would interact with one another and may not be appropriate for all audiences. Listener discretion is advised.

About Changing the Culture

Changing the Culture started as a way for me to communicate my thoughts and feelings about law enforcement in today’s world. As I have grown so has the podcast to reflect my deep desire to create a culture shift within the first responder community to help reduce the number of suicides and create a strong healthier work force.

This is one of the first and only self help podcasts specifically for law enforcement and first responders. I focus on helping first responders create resiliency, change their mindset, and foster innovation to make their own communities better places.

We also offer the unique opportunity for our listeners to go behind the scenes with our Backstage Pass. This is a one of a kind program where our listeners get access to our podcast calendar, LIVE episode recordings, and the chance to chat in to ask guests questions. 

Latest Episode

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Recent Episodes

The Culture Shock Challenge

Are you up for a challenge? This is a 60 day challenge designed specifically for first responders and spouses. This podcast is going to outline every step of the challenge and exactly what you will need to do. You can sign up and be on the email list HERE to stay in...

Carrie Wooten A Former Officer Who Is Changing The Game!

In this episode Autumn interview's Carrie Wooten who is on a similar mission as Autumn; she is out there helping first responders to change how professional development is approached and implemented by focusing on personal development of the individual.  Carrie...

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